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Alan Balmer

Neither the US Postal Inspection Service nor the Los Angeles Police Department has reported any progress in locating the lost Novice stones. The USFG officers and directors have met to consider how to mitigate this unfortunate situation.

Decision of the USFG Officers and Board of Directors:

1. For those 30 Novice entrants who submitted stones, the Novice Competition will be extended until March 30, 2020, to allow time for those entrants to cut and submit another stone. This applies only to those entrants who previously submitted stones before the original deadline. They will receive a letter from the USFG President.
2. The original return postage will be refunded and for those who choose to submit a new stone the cost of postage to and from the stone handler will be covered.
3. Each of the original Novice entrants will have their membership extended for 2 years at no charge.