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Jude – you asked about judging competition stones. Not sure if you’ve seen this page yet, but I believe it has the details you seek.

As far as making all the meets perfect – some commercial stones are pretty nice looking even though the meets are atrocious…and they sell! Anything you cut will be by far and away superior to most commercial pieces…even if all your meets aren’t competition quality. Your motivation for cutting will dictate how much time you decide to put into each gem. IMO, if you cut each one to competition quality, you’ll spend a great deal of time frustrating yourself and you won’t cut many stones…and most of them will not meet your desired standards. If you cut like I do, hobbyist, you can pump out several very high quality stones each week with a minimum of time invested. Without close scrutiny (which people don’t do) there is almost no difference between your hobby pieces and your competition pieces.