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Look at the diagram is no answer. Frank Woodward gave the correct answer.

” Surely a Grand Master candidate can interpret a GemCad diagram”

That statement was directed directly at me because I was the one that started this thread and you consider me a Grandmaster candidate. IT is obvious to me that the quote above was directed right at me. You are not even a certified Novice so it gives you no right to tell me what I should know and not know or anyone else that is a Grandmaster or “candidate”. Have you ever considered I may not be as smart as you or other candidate’s and was looking for some help. Your first post was not any help at all, just being sarcastic. You sir are no gentleman. From this thread there are others not as smart as yourself that also wanted some clarification. There is no reason to belittle me or them.

You owe us an apology but I am not expecting that from you.