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I was just posting what you said in a private message. You politely answered a question in this thread from someone else but on my question on how to properly measure this Grandmaster stone you gave the amateur’s answer that someone that has never faceted would give. Follow the diagram, sarcasm. I bet there is not a topic posted on this forum where there are not questions and answers but you tell me in a private message that this forum is not a question and answer venue. I call that being directed at me. Everyone else is free to ask questions but I am not supposed to from your private message.

This banter back and forth started on the topic of the new Ultra-tec where having an electronic background I disagreed with you on the topic of how long consumer electronics components life expectancy is from the manufacturers. You then carried your contempt of me for explaining that to you to this topic and that is evident for everyone to see. Obviously you cannot take being wrong. The word that comes to mind is VINDICTIVE. You are a keymaster, whatever that means, and I assume you govern this forum so you can make up the rules as you feel like to each member.

I do agree with you on the last statement you made. It would be nice if this is the end of the discussion. Unless you just have to have the last word.