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Alan Balmer

Yep, that’s the brass rod. I’s useful to align the dop in the quill, but won’t help with the free-wheeling if there’s no hole on the head. I have 2 machines, the newer one has it, the older one doesn’t. It doesn’t matter to me, since I never preform that way.
The blue “girdle aligner” is used to align a girdle facet to the lap after transfer. If you have the “Fundamental Faceting” book, it’s described on page 16, if a newer edition hasn’t changed it.
The wick is intended to be used to prevent too much splashing when cutting the girdle (page 13, paragraph d). Move the black sliding thing away from the opening in the splash pan, and use it to clamp the wick so that it catches the water. I don’t use this. I cut small pieces of an ordinary kitchen sponge, and use a clip to hold it. I actually cut a separate piece of sponge for each grit, to prevent cross-contamination. The clip is a “snap clip” used for hair, suggested by my wife.