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I am just following up on my previous post on this topic. Wow, I posted months ago in November, I really got behind during the holidays… and during the Tucson show…er…shows!
I have posted the video where I demonstrate using the Ultra Tec Facet Saw kit as an option to consider for trimming rough. The YouTube video is “Gem Cutting Tutorial – Faceting a Madeira Citrine with a Trillian Design”. I used this facet saw to cut the first set of instructions to form a point on the pavilion rather than using a lap. Saving lap life and giving me a few ‘trim’ pieces for future use. What are your thoughts on this option?
One correction from the video. In the video I give my opinion that the facet saw should work on pretty much any faceting machine. In discussing this accessary with Joe Rubin of Ultra Tec, Joe noted the following for me: “A detail – on your Madeira Citrine video you show the use of the facet-saw – and you comment that it can be used on other faceting machines. Now, most “other “ machines have a small Platen size (like 2”) – too small to offer adequate support for the 6” blade. Ultra Tec has a 4” Platen – so, only 1 inch of blade extends – stiff enough to not to bend and “wander off” as would happen with a small Plate.”
I certainly would like to know if any other cutters routinely use the facet saw and especially if any non-Ultra Tec owners have had success with this, or some other type of facet saw?
Happy Faceting!