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mike, i’m mike too, been faceting for 54 yrs and making connections on and off U.S.F.G. all over the world with new-be’s and long-timers. nadine at this yrs tuscon show won her first award, 13 yr old girl, one of my students. ya trim saw work is always needed. i have and do use the saw setup on my ultra tec’s and works great. but too i needed more freedom of movement. even though i have an old gemstone industries 4″ and a lortone 6″ i ended up making my own which can use 4 or 6 inch. made it out of plexi-glass plastic and made an arbor for it and can make the arbors. i get my saw blades from china and 4″er’s cost me $1.79 each for notched or $9 for sintered 6″ just under $4, sintered $9-19 depending who you catch ebay. theres a lot of older machines out there that there is no parts for so been making them when i can for those whom need them.

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