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hey mike the guys are right… i have about 30 machines, 6 different models of the LEE, a graves mark 1, 2 O’Brien portables, 3 different yrs MDR’s, 5 diff ultra tec’s, 4 diff raytech/shaws,3 sapphires, facetron, and homemades. and parts. everyone seems to think the machine does the cutting—-NO—- you do, the machine holds the stone and has the cutting surface but its up to you to know how far to cut and where and this is the process in the learning. one thing a 10th of a degree is not noticeable by the human eye and the brilliance of the stone. i’ve told my students as long as you are close to to the correct angle but they all don’t meet BUT you have the best possible polish the stone will be eye catching. i have a cut— reverse brilliant you might like to try. simple same number of facets as the regular brilliant but WAY MORE flashy. if you’d like a copy of it and a piece of laser yag to cut to it give me a yell, . i’ve had other u.s.f.g. members all over country trying it. and are happy with it.

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