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Tom Mitchell

In my teaching experience I have had the opportunity to use almost every machine made. I personally own an Ultra Tec and a Raytech Shaw. Both do an excellent job. I do most of my cutting with the Ultra Tec and I prefer it to all other machines that I have ever worked with for its accuracy and precision. I am also an Ultra Tec Rep, so I may be a bit bias.

With that said, my recommendation is to take a couple lessons before you decide on a machine and don’t buy something just because someone else likes it or recommends it. Do your research, find out what most people like, find a way to use the type of machine that they recommend before you make your decision. Then save your pennies and buy the best you can afford.

My recommendations in order of preference are Ultra Tec, Graves, Jersey Instruments Tom Thumb, and Raytech Shaw. Every machine has its pluses and minuses. Ultra Tec has the most pluses and the least minuses and now they have a new machine that is even competitive with the price of a Facetron. Note that I did not list Facetron among the machines that I recommend. They’re pretty, but…