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It is important to distinguish between a copyright on printed material versus a patent. The copyright only covers copying the printed page and distributing it. If a design is patented then the use of the design will limit direct copying the features identified in the copyright. So, although I’m not a lawyer, I’ve been involved with the issues involved with copyrights on printed material and our lawyer did repeat to me what I said. He said that creating an alternate form of the meaning of the copyright material on to another instance is not a violation of the copyright. Electronic CAD instances will not violate the copyright.

So, to completely change the subject, it is morally corrupt to copy the design either from the paper copy or a CAD file that represents the same design and not clearly identify the author of the design. It is completely legal to make changes and reference the author’s original design as your source of inspiration and label it as your design. You will see many examples of that done by many faceting design contributors published on various websites or FB pages.

Remember, these aren’t legally qualified statements from me or the USFG. As Dan said, the USFG does receive permission from the original author or his estate to put information on the USFG site.