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well i wish more would try my method of polish, i havent had one complaint from anyone following it. use a TIN lap with 50,000 grit diamond powder. run lap very slow, om my ultra dial set at one, between 150-200 max. drip rate 25-35 sec. and apply diamond with finger tip. enough water to keep it wet but not runny—a muddy slur. no compounds or oils, they are lubs not wetting agents. try stopping your car on a greasy or oily road. you need the cutting affect not sliding. the reason for so little water is to not hydroplane and also wash your diamond off. as a muggy slur your stone will charge a lot of the diamond into the tin. i have my old crystalite tins from the 70’s and still polishing great. this worked well enough that my student 13 yr old nadine marshall won a award at the last tuscon sow. ask jason starvetsky he was fighting polishing and when i got him to quit using compounds and oils and windex he finally got it and loves my way. ask him—