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Thanks to everyone for all this great input! I gave it a try today and had some pretty rough results. I ended up charging with baby oil and a 3000 DiaStik. First off I got major scratching and some nasty black buildup. I tried wiping some diamond off, then got bits of metal. I added more diamond and things improved a little, but still a lot of scratching. At one point I was able to get two facets that look more frosty instead of scratched so I think I might be heading in the right direction. This didn’t last long though, and I soon got metal again. After recharging I was back to scratches, worse near the culet. I am not sure how much of this has to do with the amount of diamond I am using, or if maybe partially due to the fact that it is a new lap. I am including some pictures, so if anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it! The first two are of the scratched pavilion facets, then I have one with the two frosty facets that I think might be improving. The last is a pic of the lap. In it I am guessing the area I have been using is due for a recharge. Oh, and when I took the lap off the spindle I realized I had the sticker side face down ,I don’t think this should matter though since BATTS are double sided right?

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