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Never knew you could buy WD40 in liquid form, anyway I couldn’t tell any difference between it and baby oil as far as a carrier for diamond was concerned.
Looking at the photo of your BATT lap it’s in a terrible state, the inside 1/3rd is what it looks like new and after a few uses the same but grey in colour from the diamond imbedded in it.
No massive grooves and certainly not producing scratches like on your stone. I would suggest you join your local club for advice as its something your doing wrong with the lap.
The finish with 3000 grit on corundum for example looks close to a final polish.

I recharge mine with two drops only of baby oil (and that’s heaps), small amount of 3000 diamond powder, all rubbed in a circular motion till the lap is covered. Just checked the speed I run the lap at and its slower than I thought, it’s only 200rpm. Don’t know why this mixture ends up going black but it does. I wipe an ink marker over the first facet of that set and wipe it over a stationary lap to make sure its flat on the lap. No significant pressure on the stone when cutting. That’s it.