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In May of 2019 I actually was able to speak with someone on the phone at Graves about my Mark IV. It was in storage for a long while and the turntable was stiff and the motor probably need new bushes. I would have tried to take the motor out, but but it would have meant cutting one of the brackets that was welded to the frame. At any rate they said to send the machine in and they would take a look. I kept the mast and head and the tank and sent the machine to them. Predo, who ever that was, signed for the machine. That was the last I ever heard from them. I tried both the Better Business Bureau, the Fla. Dept of Agriculture, who also takes care of consumer complaints, all to no avail. I wrote them letters, tried calling, no success. For a $1300 machine, it’s probably not worth a lawyer. I cut some great stones on that machine years ago. They were evaluated by a 46th St, NYC jeweler as good or better than a professional cut. Hate to give up on it.