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Gregory Hays

Did not read this whole thread but have you reviewed Jon’s Batt page here Batt Charging page.

I found taking a piece of synthetic corundum and squaring it off, chamfering the edges slightly and dopping to a sacrificial dop that can be used later for other dressing jobs, can eliminate the chance of creating gutters or scratches in the surface of your lap when holding by hand charging initially. After the first charging you only need to add more diamond. Swarf is swarf and with diamond polishing it comes with the territory.

I will state I have tried every voodoo magic potion under the sun to polish with and I always come back to WD-40, you might not think there is a difference but there is.

If your picking up metal, the lap is to dry, your baby oil doesn’t have the viscosity that WD-40 has for charging the lap. Watch Jon’s Charging a Batt Lap video link above.