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hey guys i don’t have much problems there. if i have dopped strickly with a really good green wax like i have gotten off ebay seller, and it breaks loose if i have a good pattern match as one of you said put a tiny drop of gap filler cyno(crazy glue i get from the hobby shop that wood frame model pane builders use. set it done on it it will give me time to make sure i’ve set it right the spray with setter/fixer and done, usually good but my have to tweak cheater a tiny bit. i dop to expected table with the smallest dop i think i can get away with and use a drop of cyno then build up a good supply of support wax to back it up. this helps hold better and also for transferring to cut table helps hold while transferring to wax on pavilion. i then use a warmup exacto to cut back support wax on table area and then hold onto the stone and pavilion dop and heat table in my alcohol flame and shear snap it off. i do make sure i get plenty good wax transfer so if in removing the table dop the pavilion dop come off i remove table dop and match wax pattern and then put drop of cyno and reseat and walla i’m ready to go.