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if it is not contaminated with any coarse grit other than having been used with lindy A i would try it with 50,000 diamond powder at very slow speed it might work great. i just ordered a 6″ cast pure tin disc from a seller of tin on ebay. really rough so i machined one side and bonded it to a master lap then machined the other side true flat. i don’t know the hardness but with my polishing method it works great. i demo’ed it to jeff theesfeld USFG historian and he liked it. the tin cost me $24 and master lap $10 and 30 minutes to do so, $34 for a great working TIN lap. i will say the #30 is a bit harder. the first mistake everyone does is to score the laps. they are machined flat so have very fine grooving great for holding the polishing agent. scoring creates channels to waste the polishing agent and also build up cutting materials and since most run their laps fast these cutting can dry, be pushed back up and cause scratching. having worked at crystalite back in the 70’s i know how to make and machine polishing laps and made the plated laps.

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