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in most case everyone out there are running there machines fast. ask jeff theesfled our historian he’s using my method now. and one very important thing to is the quality of the 50k diamond powder. i’ve tried it from all over sources and only found one with real quality powder. again oil is a lub, an insulator of friction(contact) and your not getting the work out of your polishing agent. never score the lap, cuttings can build up in the scoring and work back out as clumps and cause scratching. yes its tricky getting the right drip rate as most drip controls are crude and verying pressure as water level lowers but with practice it will work out. i now have both club and none club members using my method with great success. i even have the batt laps working with it and two that i’ll have to resurface because i used 60k and 50k from pour sources. i get my powder from glass-polisher in china. he is now setting up a supply center in L.A. to better facilitate the supply.