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Let me take a minute to voice support of Rick’s pre-master pavilion concerns, incorporating the preform steps. In my quick test cut attempt, the pf1 cut (at 40.01) never truly gets overwritten/overcut. And I think that is the root cause of the issue here. The pf2 and P1 cuts all meet at a cullet points (unlike the diagram image) and the P2 cuts don’t make it more than half way up P1 before they meet at G1, G2 – as per the instructions. Again, I believe that the angle of the preform pf1 cuts are inhibiting the ‘layered’ intent of the pavilion’s original design?

Apologies if I am incorrect in this assumption, or if I failed to articulate the issues I’m having, but cutting this pavilion, specifically according the the sequence in the pre-master pdf, isn’t yielding me the desired outcome. Thanks much.

– Mike.