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When first starting out as a new facetor I would recommend a 360, 600, 1200, 3000, 50K for polish. This series is great for just about all gem materials at the novice and intermediate levels. For your most accurate cutting I would recommend bonding each of these laps to a master lap. Either aluminum or solid metal. This can be done by purchasing topper laps that already have a bonding agent or a sticky back. You can also attach them using rubber cement. You can use c-clamps and wooden blocks to put-on even pressure for a proper bonding. Be sure to have a pilot hole aligner so the laps align correctly. No need to buy seperate laps for different materials until you get to cutting emeralds or other expensive materials. Old worn out solid metal laps are perfect for a master lap with new plated toppers and correct adhesion. Once bonded they can usually only be used once though. Bonding topper laps using this method will provide much more accurate faceting.