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using a dressing stick is fine on plated laps but not too aggressively accept on very coarse grits and on nothing finer than 600. keep in mind the finer the grit the thinner the plating. when i worked at crystalite we tried to plate to 65% the thickness of the diamond. it was nickel plated. nickel work hardens and tightens on the diamond plus most diamond used was semiconductor type so it electro-formed around the diamond. most impure diamonds are semiconductors. i generally don’t recommend finer than 1200-1500 as the plating gets thin. and any real uniform quality or broken in 1200 you can go directly to a tin lap with 50,000 diamond powder and get a great polish. as for sintered, a waist of money as your not getting the use of all the diamond you paid for. and as it does wear it will be uneven. yes some plated laps are very aggressive, some need to be broken in. i’ve seen complaints on the 3000 most, likely do to more that one layer attached, plated on unevenly. i have one and i used a 1200 grit sharpening stick on it. finally carefully got it to cut clean and still is fast.