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ya guys it still comes down to one real thing, its not the machine, IT’S YOU– the machine holds the stone, its you that is the cutter. in final judgement it’s you that decides how far to cut, where to place the facets, how the meets really are and how good the polish is. the machine CAN NOT decide that and through time,practices, and skill development we achieve our goals if a new bee finds he or she has the desire, yes go for it step by step and we can cut on any machine with great results. i was in Wa.D.C. at a federation show when a lady won the faceting trophy, i saw the stone and met the lady and she was totally blind. in tuscon one year i met and talked with a lady that won the award that year and her hands were terribly crippled and distorted by arthritis . it is still the cutter and their determination to achieve. sorry but i have not ever competed but those that have seen my work definitely don’t complain. we should all be ready and willing to help new bees to get going— ok thats what we’re really here for/about, a love of faceting. i’ll help anyone that asks.