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Here is a spreadsheet that I’ve used for sometime. I’ve taken out all of my data and put in some example data assuming you would want to make $10 per hour on your labor. You will need to clock your time on completing the gem to use the labor portion of the spreadsheet. Still if you discount from your quote that represents a loss of the value of your labor. You can use various other factors to increase your quote pricing. I use a simple factor on complexity of the gem design to increase the labor cost. The number value of 1 is for simple designs with less than 32 facets not counting the girdle. 2 is for designs that are over 32 but less than 97 facets. 3 is for designs greater than 96 but less than 161 and 4 is for designs greater than 160. I’ve found the number of facets is more important to time than the size of the facets. I’m sure that extraordinary large stones might need a custom additional bump also. Not something that I do for the few stones that I’ve cut for people and charged them.

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