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I finally got ahold of Rick and got my dop sticks. Expensive and Rick is very difficult to get a response from. I also found Larry Wood who helps Rick deal the lap machines. Even though I got the added dops, I still wanted to make some that don’t do what the standards ones do. I found 1/4 inch brass rods and also 1/16″ steel rods for the alignment pin. The threads on the one end are 1/4-26 NF and the pin is 3 3/16 from threaded end. Also you have to file the 1/4 inch rod down to 6mm to fit into the dop holder. So I am making my own out of brass and aluminum. I also used some flat brass plate to make the v holders and also some bigger diameter flats. I used silver solder to mount the brass to the rods. Works like a champ and cheaper than 15.50 each purchase price.