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Check with clubs: they often have an inventory of used equipment for sale. I recently purchased an Ultra Tec for $1 to replace my historic second-Ohmmeter-equipped faceting machine that I donated to the USFG collection of historic machines. As older folks stop faceting or are dying off, family members sometimes remember club affiliations and help faceters-to-be get started. Today, I am teaching a new faceter on the second Graves I modified equipped with a my replacement “spring loaded pinch bearing”, alignment tool and an Ohmmeter that belonged to Don McIntire, a fellow founding member of the Lynchburg Gem and Mineral Society. It was sold for just a few dollars to help the new owner get started. It is not always, how much can I get? Sometimes its how much can I help? Google “Scratches from the Master Lap” for clues as to how to keep an old Graves working.

Dave Woolley