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well my way seems to work good, my students use it too. when i have my flat table area flattened and have the spot where i want the dop to be, i use a dop a little smaller than what you normally use and put a drop of hobbyist cyno/crazy glue on it and set it. once solid i then build up my green wax around it for extra support. then do my cutting, when i go to transfer i transfer to wax again and make sure i have good contact to pavilion and plenty wax. once cooled remove and make sure my fingers are on the stone to sense heat and heat dop to be removed close to stone. cyno has a low side ways shear factor so with a little pressure with side slide and tweaking bend, wax is soft, and it snaps off. with the cyno there is no shifting while setting your wax to pavilion. if the wax breaks too off stone, if you have a good wax matching pattern a drop of cyno and you haven’t lost your alignment. cyno melts at a higher tenp than the waxes. i get my wax from ronsrocks shop in Camarillo ca. on ebay it work good, no complaints, its green. i have all kinds and colors of wax but that’s all we use.