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Nice to hear your interest in our veterans. I am a Gulf War 1 vet and an OIF/OEF vet. I served in the Army. Total of 7 years Active duty and I am not really sure how much IRR or National Guard/Reserve time I did. Regardless I have a Facetron and would like to be included. I just moved and now own a small homestead aka a hobby farm. We are growing chickens for eggs and meat. veggies will be planted starting in Feb through march depending on the veggie and tolerances. I should have my machine back up and running. I purchased about 20 lbs of synthetic rough and wanted to get back to it. The farm came up and the person purchasing it fell through due to covid, therefore, we were lucky enough to get the bid on it. Most of the property around us looks to be in the hundreds of acres where we only have 11. I am a vet just saying thank you to everyone for keeping the promise of the veteran benefits. Without the benefits, my family would not be living our dream today. As a fun fact, my great grandad (army) was a WW1 vet, Grandad (army CW4) was WW2/Korea vet, Dad (navy chief 28 yrs) was a Vietnam vet. I didn’t do much rank-wise in the military but I managed to use VA benefits and earn an MBA in college. (oh I hear the jokes coming) lol take care and god bless