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Taper your rough on the dopping end. Use a heated cone dop that is larger than the tapered end but smaller than the width of the stone (you don’t want to block your girdle faces with the dop). Fill the heated cone dop with wax and inset your non-heated tapered rough into the larger dop and make a mold of the stone’s end. Let the wax set, but not adhere to the stone. Then glue the stone into recessed wax mold. Put some glue on the wax and dop juncture just to keep it in place. This will give you more stone surface to glue and less stress at the dop and stone connection. PS: I am currently cutting your Backgammon Triolette in Bolivian Rose d’ France with Auri Verde and Epimetheus up next. I will send picks of the Backgammon Triolette when done. I may have a few questions on the Epimetheus.