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now hitting 82 in a couple weeks i’m still at it and my V5 and V2 are still at it. i cut a laser N-YAG egg on my V5 and used 2 riser blocks they have, to get the tips of the egg. 81mm long, 51mm diameter, 368 facets, 2870 carats, you won’t be cutting that on those other brand machines and i can go even larger, the V series faceters are accurate and flexable and the only one i know of that with the adapters can do such large stones and larger. most of the time you have to build a bigger machine, not so with my ultra tecs. email me and i can send you pictures of the step by step cutting of this egg. it is owned by laser materials of Vancouver Washington where i got the rough. and i can make adapters to go MUCH larger. i had to make the big dops and used my grizzly 8″ lathe to transfer it.
michael zinski

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