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    I am new to faceting. In fact I am awaiting for my machine from the UltraTec. Meanwhile, I am watching videos on Utube and reading some books and articles on internet. I noticed that people use different materials for doping and different combinations of adhesives for transferring: wax-wax, wax-epoxy, epoxy-epoxy, crazy glue… What is the “right” method, easiest, and why these materials are used?



    If you don’t have an accurate way of centralising the preform to the dop when first dopping the stone, then wax-epoxy is the best combo.
    You can soften the wax with a BBQ lighter after putting the stone on the machine and use the dial gauge to get it central.



    I would recommend an adhesive for someone learning to facet. Using wax alone is an another skill that has to be learned. Personally I have always used wax but learning how to use can be very frustrating at first. Stones popping off. The advantages of wax is fast and cheap.



    Here are my preferences…

    #1 (98% of time)… JB Weld, clear, 5-minute epoxy. Let it cure overnight.

    #2 (2% of time)… Loctite 404 superglue. Used for tiny stones.

    Wax? Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”.

    Happy Faceting.




    I use wax or super glue for the first dop. Make a flat spot on the stone with 600 grit. with wax, warm the stone. be careful not to overheat. investing in a dop-pot would not hurt. On the transfer I use 5 minute epoxy, and let harden overnight, it is too soft after only an hour or two. When I go to remove the first dop, I fill a cream cheese bowl with enough water to almost submerge the stone to keep it cool. Then take a butane torch, and hemostats or pliers to heat dop off. Welcome the school of hard rocks!



    Thank you all for your opinions and advice. The Ultra Tec is delaying shipping for a week, so I am still waiting, reading and watching



    I use the two part epoxy upon transfer. I absolutely love loctite 404 for the table… amazing stuff. Here is a big rutilated quartz dopped with loctite 404. I didn’t think it would actually hold, but it did!!!

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    I use the same adhesives as Lowjiber. JB Weld (because it is readily available at Home Depot) 2 part epoxy and Loctite 404 (superglue). For really small stones, I use Superglue. Bigger stones – Epoxy. Everything in between – depends.

    Nothing against Wax…I just did not learn with wax so I would have to spend some time on it. Ernie Hawes showed me how he uses both Wax and Superglue to dop…cool method!

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