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    Does anyone know the type and size of, and maybe a source other than Graves for a belt for a late 1980s or later model Graves MKIV faceting machine? I picked up a MKIV machine recently that has the large 6″ plastic v-pulley on the lap arbor but no belt. And it has been so long since I’ve had one of those model Graves machines that I don’t remember the type of belt that they use. I had thought it was a 2L type belt. I ordered a 2L280 belt last week from an industrial supplier which I received yesterday. But the 2L belt doesn’t appear to fit the v-groove in the 6″ plastic pulley very well. I’m hoping to find a source other than Graves for a belt due to having heard and read of several incidents of customers complaining that over the last several months it has become very difficult to get orders filled and shipped from Graves. So any help here would be appreciated.

    Larry C.



    I just guesstimated the size and ordered a O-ring from Grainger !!


    Alan Balmer

    After 1980, Graves used a 1/8″ round belt. As Mark said, an O-ring of the right size will work. To find the size, just use a string around the pulleys and measure it.



    I have a 6 year old Mark IV. The belt broke. I measured it at 8 1/2 inches dia. I ordered it from Granger. It will be here tomorrow, just 3 days. Item number–1KLK8–$5.25 plus shipping for 5

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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