Forums General Discussion Cut one large stone or several smaller ones from a big piece of rough???

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    I doubt that anyone will have a perfect answer for this but I’ll ask anyway. I purchased an awesome piece of Spanish Sphalerite, one of my favorite stones to cut, It is large nice red/orange color and super clean. I could cut a round stone about 25mm in diameter and I believe it would make an awesome collector stone or I could cut several smaller stones. I would like to sell it/them after cutting so what would you do??? I value your opinions.



    If you are going to sell it then the question is will one big stone sell for more than 3 smaller stones. Without seeing the rough I can’t say what the best way to go is. If you cut it into 3 pieces then you are likely to lose more weight on your finished product.



    In my limited experience cutting multiple pieces from one stone dramatically improved the yield…but its twice or three times the work. Smaller stones typically don’t bring as much per carat. I have only done it when the rough obviously needed to be divided.



    I’d check in with Wayne Emery, Mike. I think he would have a good idea of the chances of selling a really large stone over the smaller ones. I would think that there would be a market for a large sphalerite, but that’s just based on my gleanings through the years.

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