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      I recently moved across the country and wound up taking nearly a year away from my facetron so I have forgotten a few basic things. My sister bought a sphene that she wants to be round instead of psuedo oval that it is now (6.3×6.9mm) I have never done a recut but this piece was cheap and she is not attached to it so I figure its a great way to learn. Ok, so my design is set up for quartz and my table says the pavilion for sphene should be cut at 41 instead of 43 for quartz so do I simply subtract 2 degrees from each pavilion facet? I just want to make sure I am remembering everything correctly. It looks like the crown is 42 degrees for quartz and 35 for sphene so should I subtract 7 from all of the quartz crown facets?

      Any tips for recutting a stone? I plan on dopping it in the transfer block to try and get it as lined up as possible and will start with the girdle to get it round then pavilioin from there.

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