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      Good morning from Hawaii!

      I may have found a jeweler who sets tourmaline and I’m thinking of jumping in with him. Does anyone have good resources or material I can study that will make me successful at cutting tourmaline. I have zero experience cutting it.

      Thank you and Aloha


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      My experience is to not use heat to dop your stone. I have had tourmaline fracture with heat from my alcohol lamp when dopping with wax. Now I make an impression with warm wax on a cold stone and then use superglue. Tourmaline cuts nicely and polishes fairly easily. Don’t buy rough with a closed “C” Axis unless you are using patterns that have steel ends like the Smithsonian Bar Design.

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      Avoid using heat while you are trying to dop your stone. If you intend to use patterns that have steel ends, such as the Smithsonian Bar Design, you should avoid purchasing rough with a closed “C” axis.
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