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    Fiber glass: 鈮?0%
    Thickness: 1.0,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm ,2.5mm
    Luminousness: Blue and green (75%) , white (68%) , no color (88%)
    Temperature : -40鈩?–+130鈩?/p>
    UV transmittance: 鈮?.01%
    Useful life: 15-20 years
    1) Roofing skylight for office building, department store, hotel, stadium, school, hospital.
    2) soundproof shields on express ways.
    3)LED diffused, Advertising lamp boxes, sign board.Telepohne booths.
    4) Anti-riot shield, bullet resistant material, Bank ATMs.
    5) agricultural greenhouses, zoos, botanical gardens.
    6) Swimming Pools roofing/cover/sheet
    7)lighting for corridors, balcony, passages and subway entries, walkways.
    8) walls, roofs,windows,screens,shower enclosure and other indoor decoration material.
    9) Instrument and machine windscreen
    Type of FRP sheetFiberglass Roof Tiles factory

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