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    The Graves index wheels aren’t very consistent. On each wheel there are a few notches that don’t engage positively. I eyeball them and make sure I seat into the center-ish of the notch, which is essentially a cheat adjustment that I can’t be sure I’m replicating 100% when I return to that notch. Can I use index wheels from another machine? Is it possible to fix these ones? At my skill level the problem is minor, but I can imagine cutting a complicated design where plus-or-minus-.25-degrees could really throw things off.



    Alan Balmer

    Never had a problem with Graves Index gears. First, make sure they’re clean. Use a stiff brush to clean the notches. Second, make sure the tension is correct on the index pawl. It may not be adjusted correctly. There’s a set screw on top of the pawl. Using the 1/16″ Allen wrench supplied with the machine, tighten it a little at a time until the index wheel is hard to move when the pawl is in a notch.



    i agree with alan on that cleaning. i had problems on my ultra tec as well, it didn’t seem like i was seated proper, ended up using a brush on both the gear and the locking gear to get a secure mating.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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