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      John Murray

      With Yahoo, I could forward all the new forum messages or group message as Yahoo called them to one of my email accounts which I could then view on on cell phone. Can I do that here? I haven’t brought up this website on my cell phone yet. Is it mobile friendly?

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      John Murray

      I sent this message out 1 week and 3 days ago and received not one reply. Is there a web master who put this web site together who might know? Surely I wasn’t the only person who used to forward forum messages from the USFG to their cell phone or another email account??

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      Tom Maxwell

      Hi John, Yes the website is mobile friendly. I will find the answer to your question on forwarding post via email.

      tom Maxwell

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      The site is working bad, I can not leave a reply in the forum, no link to webmaster or other officers are working. The site shows I am in, logged in but can not get access to reply in the forum. The membership directory does not work. The pld search into the old archives are gone. This is a shame to say the least. Faceters want to connect, maybe a facebook page might work better, but this site is about 15 years behind the times.

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      Alan Balmer

      I can address a couple of your problems. The link to officers and webmaster are calls to your default email program, and they work fine for me. The forum reply problem may be because your browser is caching the old status, before login. Try using the page refresh (I don’t know what browser you use, so can’t be more explicit), or clearing the browser’s cache.

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      Mary Rafferty

      Another possibility if you can log in but cannot access membership only restricted areas such as newsletters and forum posting is an expired membership. I found that one the hard way. Unless that has been changed it presents a very confusing situation.

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