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      Ken Michalek

      Franklin Faceters Frolic #12 is almost here. Next Friday,Saturday and Sunday, July 26,27 & 28. Macon County Gemboree in the Carpenter Building (Community Recreational Center) 1288 Georgia Rd. Franklin, NC 28734
      John E’ Garsow- Gems and Minerals
      Lightning Laps- Marsh Howard
      Ultra Tec- Gerry Boykin
      Tom Mitchell Studio- Rough, gems,faceting aids
      Dan Lynch Gems- gems, rough
      Roy Kersey- Rough and Gearloose products
      Carl Harry Barney- Gems, Rough
      Ken Michalek- Hygieia Lap Cases
      Speaker lineup:
      Friday 10:00 am Gerry Boykin Fantasy Cutting
      1:00 pm Dan Lynch Hobby Cutting to Business
      Saturday 10:00 am Roy Kersey Field Gemology on the
      1:00 pm Tom Mitchell Will be covering his book,
      Faceting 1, Learn The Fine Art of Gem Faceting
      Looking forward to another fun year!
      Ken Michalek

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