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    Ken Michalek

    Ever wondered how to design your own gem? Well wonder no longer, sign up for a GemCad class now! Don’t have GemCad? Sign up for GemCad 1, bring a laptop and we will get you a 30 day trail and you get a lesson, all for $25!!!
    Have some experience and want to learn more? GemCad 2, intermediate class is for you, guess what, just $25.
    So you know everything about GemCad? do you? Sign up for GemCad 3, advanced, and find out. Challenge the master, Robert Strickland (designer of the program) will be there to take you over and above your own expectations. Yep, just $25.
    Seats available for all classes, don’t miss your opportunity to take your faceting abilities to a new level.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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