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    I’ve been of the opinion that girdle size is too be as described in contest rules and always use that as a guide. Recently I used a larger dopstice to hold the pavillion and the girdle depth was hidden from view so I cut with caution. When I finished and stone was removed from the dop I had a larger than normal girdle depth for me. I was taken back at first and the next morning I viewed the gem again after mounting in a ring setting and it actually looked rather nice.
    It there a hard fast rule on this subject? I am attaching a picture of a quality diamond set in a ring and the girdle is noticeably large based on the gem size.

    Bert Webb
    Sophia, N.C.

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    Alan Balmer

    Hi, Bert. This is a subject that there is not much agreement on 🙂 If you know any jewelers, you might ask them their opinion. I think there is pretty general agreement that the 0.3mm usually specified for USFG competition is too narrow for settings. I personally tend to have thicker girdles on larger stones. If there are no other constraints, I cut until it “looks right” to me.

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