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    I put in an online order last week and it was shipped the next day. No problems.



    Im not bashing but they treated my like crap and almost two years later still have not received the replacement. I called left emails i was ignored still beimg ignored.



    As a quick update here, I share a similar disappointing experience recently. I placed an order in early February, and waited several weeks for a package…

    When it didn’t arrive, I sent them an E-Mail, and it got bounced back by the server. So I tried to send an E-Mail to a second e-mail address I found, and it too was returned as un-deliverable. I tried calling MANY times and always got a message telling me the voicemail was full and to hang up.

    Then about a month or so after I placed my order, I did finally receive a partial order. They were kind enough to charge me the full shipping charges on this first partial order even though these items would have easily fit inside the package for my full order. The packing slip said the remainder of the order will be shipped free (I’m ok with that), but I still don’t know if/when the rest of my order will ever be shipped.

    I suspect that if they have your items in-stock and they are in a good mood, you may get your order fairly quickly… but if they don’t have your item in stock, or change their mind about selling your items, your order just goes into a black hole somewhere.

    I’m still hopeful that someday the rest of my order will be shipped, but I can’t say that I’d order from them again.



    I placed an order with Graves in October of 2018 for roughly $120. After attempting to contact them over the course of the next three months I realized that I was probably never getting my items or money back. I decided to file a claim through paypal in March of 2019 and recieved my refund. It is a shame because I own a Mark 4 machine and really like it but will never want to order from Graves ever again. Hopefully something turns around in their customer service, I would really like to see them make a strong comeback.



    Okey, I stopped by Graves in Pompano Beach last Tuesday . I stopped trying to call that place a year ago. From what I can see it’s like a one man show. The guy there stays way too busy to answer phones. July 2hd I too ordered a Mark 5 machine At that time he said to give it a week, I knew better, but still…
    So, when I spoke to him the other day he said he expected the machine by Friday or next Monday< that’s today, and NO, he still hasn’t called. but I’m cool. Had I ordered something from china it may take two months or more. Right?



    Does anyone know where else to go for service or spare parts? I’m in SC. Maybe one of the Franklin, NC guys?



    i have an old mark one with the big motor two speed. i’m going to cut that off at end of aluminum base and replace with a small high torque 110vdc motor and speed control i got from china(motor $15)tested. as for any parts etc. i will make them, doing so for an ultra tec missing the head. and making dops for others whom can find any or the maker is charging an arm and leg for them. this head i’ve made completely as they have none for older machines just made dops for lee for michigan guild members to get started. i’ll be 80 soon but as long as i can i will see/help faceters get going and keep going.

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    gemmakermz, what is the model numbers on the motor and speed control so I may order them?




    Any updates on Graves? I have an old Mark IV and would like to buy some spare parts. But based on comments here and on other forums I’m reluctant to do so.

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