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      First to Dan and Kell, the website still isnt fixed… all. The storefront of the UAFG is BROKEN and facebook is the middle age broken answer. This needs to be addressed. When are nominations? Someone with some kind of ability needs to get things working.
      Now a genuine question, if you’re planning on cutting a calibrated stone how much larger do you go on preform, cut and then polish? How much margin do you leave yourself to finish polish at the calibrated size?

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      Alan Balmer

      Probably some of our competition cutters can give a better answer on the margin question, but as the former steward of the website, I have to agree that it has been sorely neglected. The “News” column is still on the home page, though the last entry was made by me in January 2020. I am particularly irritated that spammers have been given free reign in the forums. A spammer should be de-registered and his posts deleted in no more than a day.

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