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      Posting this for two reasons – I hope I can get the stone I actually cut back, and the challenge deadline is June 30 for anyone else that wants to challenge. At least one other person had their stone switched.

      Short version – International Faceting Competition stones just arrived in the mail. My “section B” stone definitely looked bluer than I remembered, but I attributed the difference to different lighting. Then I remembered we were required to mark the screw top gem jars with a lot of info including dimensions and weight. The stone I got back was larger and heavier by about a carat than the one I submitted. Definitely a different color as well, I did photograph my stones before sending them.

      My section B stone weighed 5.27 carats. The stone I received back weighed 6.2 ct. The design is Leaf in the Wind.

      I have filed a challenge but have not heard anything. At least one other person needs to challenge the results as well.

      I’ll post some photos later if anyone is interested

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