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      Hello everyone!

      My name is Jeremy And I’m new to faceting. curious if anyone knows of groups that meet up in the Southern California/Palm Springs area. Or if anyone in my area would be interested in some hands on tutoring of some faceting basics. I’m happy to pay for time or even trade goods or services.

      I acquired an Ultra Tec V2 during the early days of COVID but have only just set it up a few days ago. It came with lots of laps, tools, and rough stones, but I’ve been flogging my way through it. YouTube videos and the archives here on the guilds website have been helpful. But seeing a stone being cut and figuring out how to better ‘tune’ my machine would be awesome!

      If anyone is interested or if you know of someone who might be willing to help out with some guidance, I’d be super stoked! Again, I live in Palm Springs CA but would be down to travel to almost anywhere in Southern California or Las Vegas to help get me on my way to being proficient.

      Cheers y’all!

      Jeremy Herzog

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      Hello Jeremy, there used to be a local faceting group in your area. I haven’t heard much from them recently. Jeremy Newman might be able to give you some updates. (760) 770-6599
      36101 Bob Hope Drive, ES #105
      Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-2001

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