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    Glenn Wood

    First – I want to say that I am not receiving renumeration nor do I have any invested interest in this software.
    A new software program has just become available to faceters who choose to create a faceting diagram for their own use or wish to share it with other faceters, called Gem Cut Studio.

    The software is available to purchase for $99 USD or downloaded for a 30 day trial usage.

    I had seen postings on Face Book as it was being developed and it seemed very impressive. The program has incorporated many of the same functions as GemCad, that many of us have been using for years. It has a 3 dimensional view of the stone as you enter the angles and indexes of your design which is interesting. It also allow you to load .gem files that you have created in GemCad or to view other designs already created in GemCad.

    The one big advantage of this software for many faceters is that it will work either on a Windows PC or an Apple computer. The developer has 3 videos on YouTube to explain the workings of this new software and from what I’ve seen an extensive manual explaining the works of the program.

    If anyone is interested in checking it out, here is the website link –

    Just want to state again, I have no vested interest in the software, I just sharing this information.

    Glenn Wood


    Huan Toh

    Thanks for posting Glenn! Will check it out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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