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      I’m not sure if most faceters collect designs the way I do (okay, I’m a hoarder), but one I’ve not yet been able to find is a fat pear (example attached). The heart designs are close, but are not the same. I’m hoping someone can either provide or point me to a pattern.

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      Alan Balmer

      I wonder if that doesn’t fit better in the shield category (L&S outline 23). I suggest that you go to both the facet diagrams on this site and and search for types 5, 10 and 23. Good luck.

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      Hmmm, I’ve been through that database of diagrams on numerous occasions, but I hadn’t thought to look in the shields. Nothing there looks like this, but Fred Van Sant’s ‘Stout Heart’ (10.029A) is very close! I thought I had looked through those, somehow I missed that one. Again, thanks for the help, Alan.

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      Mr. John,
      It appears to me that PC 10.037 Tri-Heart, Strickland, Robert W: TFG Newsletter, Oct 93, v14n4p23 would be very close.
      Assuming you have GemCad, you could easily modify the 48 index into a split 46-50 index to make it a plump pear instead of a Heart. The facet arrangement also looks very close to your picture.
      You would also want to lightly freewheel your index gear along the girdle line to obtain the rounded effect as in the picture. That would give your girdle a “scalloped” look from the sides, but that would be accurate from your picture.

      If you do not have GemCad, then you need to get creative on your machine.
      Enjoy the fun of modification.

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