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      A tip I use when spreading diamond on a lap when charging to keep contamination to a minimum and also keeps your fingers clean. Wrap some saran wrap around the finger you use to spread the diamond. I tear off a small piece, double it, then wrap it around my finger tightly.

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      Great idea david, ill try it soon. Thanks

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      I often use Gearloose’s diamond sticks when charging so contamination at that point isn’t an issue. However I hold the stone itself while cutting, which will get diamond on your fingers. I often use nitrile gloves, and sometimes just finger cots ( the little single finger “condoms”) on my thumb and forefinger to the same end as the plastic wrap mentioned above.

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      I use one cent each poly food service gloves. A box of 500 is five bucks. I dont handle any charged lap bare handed. I also use the glove to spread the diamond charge on the lap.

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