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    Dayton Maurer

    I just bought a new faceting machine from Ultratecs website. I was told they would send me a tracking number when the machine is shipped but does anyone know how long it usually takes to ship the machine?




    Pre-covid, it was 6-8 weeks. During early covid I had a new one arrive at 8 weeks. They are super friendly. It’s all manufactured on site. Just give them a call and ask.


    Dayton Maurer

    Ah good to know lots of time to accumulate all the other items needed for a new setup!


    Dayton Maurer

    ended up receiving the machine after 3.5 Months. It works like a dream and was worth the wait



    mine took about 5 months



    I know there are people out there who are sales representatives of Ultra-tec selling the machines. Did you know of any pros/cons of buying directly from the website as opposed to a sales rep? TIA

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    Dayton- The current quoted lead time is 12 weeks. Many variables may affect this. The last few few machines I have sold were shipped in the 12-13 week time frame. Faceters Paradise has 10 machines in order at any one time, so we are able many times to get a machine delivered faster. If you make it to Tucson come visit!!


    Dayton Maurer

    the biggest pros I could see was tax related. I have yet to encounter any cons



    the wait is worth it no matter how long. many machine are going by the way of the dino’s but this family is keeping theirs going by generations. just heard facetron now no longer. hopefully that won’t happen to ultra tec.
    and when you have an ultra tec you have the best out there. my 1974 V2 is still teaching new faceter as well as my V5. mike zinski




    Purchasing through a rep (I am one) is useful for the following reasons.
    1. Instead of paying on the website with your credit card, UT will usually wait until a couple weeks before shipping to ask for your payment info.
    2. The UT folks need to be focused on building machines. Reps serve as customer support for their customers, allowing the engineers to do what they do best and get your machine to you ASAP.
    3. A good rep will provide support to you as you get to know your new machine. The guys at UT are super helpful as well, but we don’t want to take them away from the assembly floor.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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