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      Does anyone have any kind of bearing part number or know where to order replacements?

      I am in need of replacing the bearings on my Raytech machine and can’t find any numbers on the bearings. They are Federal Made in USA bearings but that’s all I can read on them. They are 5/8 ID and 1 3/16 OD which I have had no luck finding.

      I tried to contact Raytech but their email gets returned and I can’t get anyone to return my call.

      Thank you, Jeremy

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      I was a few minutes to quick to complain. About 12 minutes after I posted he called me back from Raytech and was most helpful. He was able to determine that the bearings being made by Federal were an older bearing that is not available. Therefore the best solution was to send me a new shaft assembly. It was under $200 and will get me back to faceting much faster than any other option. It was a used machine that was a good deal so guess I can’t complain.

      Thank you Raytech!

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      Who called you back… I could get no response from them??

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      fella’s i generally contact him at keep in mind he IS quite busy but seems to always respond. hey, i know a few, or have been in connection with a few and in case i might have info you might need feel free to contact me and i might be able to help. hell, i even now have an origional first scott faceting machine i’m rehabbing to use. i picked up some small, but good torque, dc motor to power faceting machines and works with speed controls. about the size of the now motors used on new machines even like the new china ones. as i’ve said been cutting for 54 yrs used many different machine and now upgrading and repairing and making parts for them, that i can make.

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      Picked got a little but powerful dc motor with speed controls to power some faceting machines. the motor has a good amount of torque. approximately the same size as the motors that are used on new machines, including new ones made in China.
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      Does anyone have any kind of bearing part number or know where to order replacements? Run 3

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