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    Hi, I purchased a left handed Mark 2 Ultra Tec (V2 L2605) from old time faceter Ben Smith in Wilminton NC. It was in great working order and I have have never used it. (It was supposed to be a gift for my husband, but he’s right handed). Ben gave us a demo showing us that it was in top working condition. I’d like to sell it for $1200 plus shipping. It’s an older machine with the woodpaneled base and a light aqua blue mast.

    Many thanks,


    Alan Balmer

    I assume you mean the mast is on the left side. Has your husband actually tried to use it? Many right-handed people, myself included, find that a left-mast machine is much easier and more natural to use.



    I would be very interested in buying it if your husband decides not to use it!



    I am interested in this



    i hope your husband desides to keep it. alan is very right. using a right handed with right hand means shoulder high up creating fatigue, same for left handed. i teach and my students understand this. i only recommend a left machine for right handed and right machine for left handed. if you decide to do a lot of cutting its more compfortable reaching across with elbow low.



    @gemmakermz… I agree 100%. Being left-handed, I use a right-masted machine. The ergonomics simply make sense, and my natural “touch” is far better with my left hand.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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